Our new Record Label!

MAP 75 Records 001







Our 1st ever release on our new local record label ‘MAP 75 Records’ is now officially available today via our online shop @ http://map75records.bandcamp.com/releases.

Our 1st release is local band Fin-Ray (soundwise think the Magic Band, the
Birthday Party/Nick Cave, the Cramps all being brought up on a healthy dose of Hank Williams).

The idea to setup a record label in Milton might seem a bit adventurous, but our very simple plan was to just help local talent get their music/art out there and to get it heard. We recorded and mixed the bandin the church hall on Egilsay Crescent, a hall that has a beautiful & natural reverb for any sound geeks reading this, and we used the natural sound of the room to capture what theband does. We then made the decision that if we were going to start a label we would focus on vinyl releases rather than cd! The times they
are a changing you see! You will still get thedigital(MP3’s/Wavs) downloads for your iPod etc when you purchase the vinyl but we felt it was important to have the beautiful fantastic plastic/product/art that you can hold and smell! 🙂 We’re no experts but we’re learning as we go, a local label run by local people and we’ll all learn together. We hope this will be the 1st of many releases!

We also have a launch show on Sat 10th of May at the 13th Note(King St, Glasgow) with Fin-Ray and local support acts Craig Lowrie and Frank Mcevoy! £5 at the door!
Fin-Ray are also making an appearance at Coda Music Shop in Edinburgh today at midday
where the record will also be available!


Thanks so much!